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Pilot experiments on sustainable and participatory management of recreational seafood hand harvesting, an European LIFE project




In France, the recreational crabs and shellfish harvesting from the shore during low tides is a cultural activity strongly established with more than 1.8 millions followers which every year stride across the foreshores.

At the end of 2000s, several surveys on the field demonstrate that eight fishermen on ten didn’t know the regulations relative to their activity. This misunderstanding associated with a real craze is not without impact on the biodiversity and the ecological quality of the littoral marine environment. To date, the development of this leisure doesn’t benefit from a coordinated support on a national scale. Nevertheless, some test operations demonstrated that with a direct consideration of their questioning by the local dialogue, the majority of the followers would susceptible in actions aiming to protect the natural environment.


To answer this report, during four years the partners of this project will implement a network of diversified and complementary partners in eleven pilot areas, to try out transferable ways of sustainable management in the sector of the recreational fishing from the shore.

The objectives to be reached are:

  • Manage the activity thanks to the experiment of a system of governance on both local and national scales.

  • Better understand and deal with the impacts of the recreational fishing from the shore.

  • Develop the necessary means for awareness.

  • Contribute to the design and the implementation of the Management Plans in Marine Protected Areas.


Territories and beneficiaries of the Pecheapiedeloisir Life project

Territories and beneficiaries of the Pecheapiedeloisir Life project


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